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Welcome to Chiropractic Thermography and Thermal Imaging - The use of thermography in chiropractic practice is not a new procedure. However with the drop in costs for FDA cleared Medical thermal imaging equipment and recent advances in infrared technology, it is seeing a new resurgence in the chiropractic and general medical fields. This web site is intended for educational purposes only.


This site is dedicated to the use of thermal imaging cameras in the chiropractic field. Thermal imaging cameras are also referred to as a FLIR (forward looking infrared), infrared imaging cameras, thermal cameras, ir cameras, thermal vision cameras, etc. If you are looking for thermal imaging uses in other medical fields such as DITI or digital infrared thermal imaging, breast infrared imaging, fever detection, etc. please see our Medical Thermal Imaging Site.


General information regarding thermography and chiropractic practices can be found under our Chiropractic Information link in the menu to your left. Please bookmark us as this site is still under construction. More information and images will be added over the upcoming weeks. Please see the links to your left for more information regarding purchasing thermal imaging equipment and/or training for Chiropractic Thermography. Thermal Imaging Cameras make it easy to quickly get an idea of problems that chiropractors look for on a routine basis. Comparable imaging techniques are antiquitaded when compared to thermal imaging.



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Chiropractic Thermal Training Seminars

Chiropractic Thermography works in conjunction with many of the top experts in their respective medical fields. As a result we are proud to offer thermal imaging training. At this very moment in time the technology exists to bring to your patients the BIG Picture when it comes to their thermographic pattern analysis. We are bringing it to the profession at a price that you can afford. We have worked an arrangement with one of the leading companies in infrared thermographic technologies and have put together a package that you need to see!

Our protocol for use of this technology is simple and effective to implement into your practice today and begin teaching your patients the importance of the subluxation and its' expression in the human neurophysiology. With this ability along with it comes responsibility. The task of helping more people achieve health through Chiropractic Wellness. You will see how your current patients will refer AND new ones will come from far distances to be tested.

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